No makeup IS natural beauty

Can we all take a moment and embrace our natural beauty?

So often these days girls and women feel they can't leave the house without makeup on - WHY? Because of our insecurities, the media or a comment someone has said have been imprinted into our minds.

I, especially in high school, never felt comfortable leaving the house without makeup on. I felt "ugly" and insecure like many people I know. My boyfriend (husband now) used to jokingly say, "Oh, you put your confidence on" whenever I put makeup on. Now that's sad... because he was right.

I look back at it today and it's depressing that people I know (and many I don't) feel this way without makeup. The one thing I have learned as a makeup artist is to see beauty in EVERY person, especially natural beauty. Every person, man and woman, has beautiful features - you just have to embrace them. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I'm sure you have a friend that you wish you had one of their features. I bet she's staring at you thinking the same thing. Start to embrace your features - the "flawed" and unflawed.

I have many women, while sitting in my makeup chair, say, "I'm so sorry about ______." DON'T apologize for your features, ever. I wish I could jump into each woman's mind who has said that to me and tweak it to fully accept themselves how they are. Don't hide behind makeup. Today, almost everyone I know has and probably expects to see me without makeup on at least a couple days a week. Yes, even in public. I don't wear makeup to cover up insecurities anymore, I wear it to express myself. And that's what makeup is about, expressing yourself. It's a way to show people who you are, what your personality is like, your creativity, what you're interested in, etc. Makeup is a statement, not a blanket. So please, change those negative thoughts.

Now, seriously, take a moment to embrace your natural beauty. Don't wear makeup to work one day or the next time you go to the grocery store. It might feel weird at first, but in the middle of it all it actually feels somewhat liberating.


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