Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

Hello all! I'm really excited for this blog post... it's all about the MAD HATTER from Alice in Wonderland. Before we start, I'd really like to thank one of my great friends Diana who was my model! So, thank you chica!

Mad Hatter

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

- Spatula (

- Palette (

- White face paint (

- Orange, red and yellow cream colors (

- Pink, blue, red and purple eyeshadow (

- Pink lipstick (

- Translucent setting powder (

- 99% Alcohol (

- Sponge/brushes (

Step 2: Start Makeup

The very first thing I do is make sure my palette and spatula are sanitized by spritzing 99% alcohol on them and wiping it off with a tissue. This is to ensure a clean makeup application and to make sure you don't cross contaminate your products. You will want to clean your spatula after every use.

After I get my supplies sanitized, I scoop out my Mehron clown white face paint onto my palette. An alternative for this facepaint is NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk.


Cover the entire face with the white color - make sure it is opaque and then set with transluscent powder (I used ELF's translucent powder).

ELF powder

Step 3: Eyeshadow

Taking a blue eyeshadow (I used morphe brushes number 35) and apply it to your left eyelid, crease and brow bone all the way up to your eyebrows. If you're applying it to someone else it will be their right eyelid when you're looking at them. This doesn't have to be perfect as we will go in later and blend.

Blue Eyeshadow

Now, take a purple eyeshadow and do the same thing you did with the blue eyeshadow, but to the opposite eye.

Purple Eyeshadow

Now, under the eye you put the purple shadow, you're going to apply a pink shadow. Make sure to not apply too much pink eyeshadow, make sure it's right under the lower lash line and then a little extended. You will also want to extend the pink eyeshadow up toward the purple eyeshadow.


After, apply a red eyeshadow under the eye where you used blue. Do the same exact thing as you did with the pink eyeshadow.

Red Eyeshadow

Finally, take a fluffy blending brush and blend out the lines of the blue, purple, pink and red eyeshadows so there are no visible harsh lines.

Step 4: Eyeliner and Eyelashes

With the same white face paint we used on the face, take a small eyeliner brush and create a line on your eyelids for white eyeliner.


Take the same brush (or a disposable mascara wand) and apply the white to your top and bottom eyelashes. You will also want to apply this to your waterline.

When you're done with the mascara, take the same small brush you used for eyeliner and create 4 small and angled lines on your lower lash line to create an illusion that you have more eyelashes.


Step 5: Eyebrows

Taking an angled brush, apply orange cream color (or 50% yellow and 50% red mixed together to create orange) to your eyebrows. You will want to only apply this to your actual eyebrow hairs for right now.

Cream Colors

Now, take the same orange color and make a small flicking motion to create hair-like lines on the beginning and end of the brow. When you get to the outside corner/end of your eyebrow you will want to make a sweeping motion so the hairs curve on the side of the face. This gives the illusion that the hairs are longer and more sparatic like the mad hatters are.


After applying the orange color, apply a small amount of red in the same sweeping motion to create more depth to the brows. Then apply the yellow color in the same manner to create a highlight.

Step 6: Nose and Cheeks

Take the same pink and purple colors we used on the eyes and mix together. Tap off the excess shadow and apply a line of color on each side of the nose. This also creates a contour to create depth to the face and give some color. You'll want to blend the eyeshadow out so there are no harsh lines.


For the cheekbones, take the same pink and purple colors and mix together like we did for the nose. Apply to the area right underneath the cheekbone (i.e. the area under the place you would apply blush) to create depth to the face. You will want to take this contour into about the outside of your eye and then drag the shadow downward (like shown in the picture above).

Step 7: Lipstick

Taking a pink lipstick, I used BH Cosmetics lipstick in Pop Cultured, and apply to your lips, emphasizing the cupids bow.

Pop Cultured Lipstick

And waaaaaaallla, pop in some green contacts and you're done :)

Mad Hatter

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