Face Map: Eyes and Lips

I've been thinking about doing tutorials for different makeup looks but thought it might be a little hard if you guys didn't know my terminology. So, that's what this blog is all about... a face map.

First we'll talk about eyes...


This first picture is a great representation of the eye parts.

1. Fold

This is what I will be calling the "crease." This is the part of the eye that you want to push back to give depth. You will put darker eyeshadows here. I may refer to the "upper crease" which is right above the fold in your eye. The upper crease is usually where the transition shade goes to blend out the darker eyeshadows.

2. Brow Bone

The brow bone is the area right underneath your eyebrow. This is where you will put highlight colors. The highlight color will "push the area forward" creating more dimension (it does the opposite of the crease).

3. Upper Lid

The area in the picture above does not point out the upper lid very well. So, I'll refer to this picture:


The upper lid is also known as your "eyelid." This is where you will put lighter or darker colors depending on what look you're going for. You will also be applying eyeliner by the lash line (the place right by where your eyelashes grow from) on your eyelid.

4. Outer Corner

The outer corner is also a part where you can add depth to your eyes. This is usually the place where the darkest shadow goes.

5. Lower Lid

This is the place where you will apply eyeshadow and/or eyeliner to balance out the eye. This is a great place to add a pop of color or put a transition shade you used on your upper crease/crease/outer corner.

6. Tear Duct

The tear duct is also a place where you add a highlight color. It's a good place to add a pop of color if you are feeling spontaneous or to brighten your eye and pull a look together.

7. Water Line

This is the place (in the 2nd picture under number 3) where the Iris is pointing. The little ridge between your eyeball and eyelashes. This area is very sensitive for some people so be careful - It's easy to polk your eye. This area is where you can add eyeliner to make a look go from day time to night time really fast.

8. Tight Line

Your tight line is the opposite of the water line. So, instead of your bottom lid it is your top lid. This is where you will also apply eyeliner. It's a great (and easy) way to make your eyelashes look fuller and blacker, especially when you're in a pinch for time. Typically, you will have to GENTLY pull your upper lid up so you can see the area. This area is harder to apply product than the water line because it's harder to see and it's a little more sensitive. Again, be careful so you don't polk your eye.

Now on to lips...


The most important features I will be talking about is the cupid's bow and labial roll.

1. Cupid's Bow

This is the area where the 3 arrows are pointing on the very top of the lip (the V shape). You will put a highlight (not color, shimmer) to make this area stand out. It also makes your lips look a little bigger... and who doesn't want that!

2. Upper Lip

The upper lip is pretty self explanatory - It's the top part of your two lips.

3. Outside Corner

The outside corner is also self explanatory - It is the outside corner of your lips (seen on both sides).

4. Lower Lip

The lower lip is just like the upper lip - It's the bottom part of your two lips.

5. Lip Line

This area is where the outline of your lips are or where your lips end.

6. Labial Roll

This area is right outside of your lip line. It's very faint but is the area between your lip line and your facial skin. It kind of makes a "halo" around the lips. This is the area you can put lip liner if you want to make your lips look larger. Be careful with this - It is EXTREMELY easy to accidentally go beyond the labial roll when applying lip liner. If you do this it can look fake... almost like you have clown lips.

I will refer to the areas listed above when I post future makeup tutorials. I hope everyone learned a little something from and I'm really excited to post some tutorials! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



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